Ravens to Make an Appearance at The Gridiron All*Star Game!

Ravens will be participating in the All-Star Gridiron Tournament for 2010. We also have Raven Affiliates that will also be playing and we would like to show them some love. The players named to the All*Star are as follows: Coach Todd Kennedy as a CB#8 Tony Lingard, 94 Pete Barnette, #1 Rob Aries, former Raven Kevin O'Berg, #22 Justin Bledsoe,  Offensive Coordinator Jayson Davis for Wr, #17 Jamar Rawles, #64 Oline Jeff Smith, The Long Island 3 #70Tim Asbell, #71 Will Csevekus and #74Wayne Warsaw.

Congratulations the below was done in honor of those players that we have photos of. Photos are courtesy of TSJ Studios and editted by Elements of Illusion.

Ravens Vs Panthers 32-20

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While the weather just started to warm up so did the Ct Ravens against the Long Island Panthers. This report will be brief since we do not have all the stats yet and will detail them as we receive them. There were some awesome highlights from both teams from first whistle to the last. Both teams arrived early with the anticipation to get their first victory. Theron Johnson was on site on behalf of TSJ Studios to capture the action for the Ct Ravens. The Ravens started off with a short Kick off from James Mezros  that resulted in the first turnover of the game picked up by #5 Dave Engle which then ensued a Ravens possession.  Rotation was heavy and the defense was relentless causing 5 turnovers one which was caught at the end of the first half by #17 Jamar Rawles. While the game was scoreless for pretty much the whole first half the second half was not as forgiving. The Ravens took a 24- 8 in the second half. The Panthers did not give up and attempted a comeback scoring two more times and attempting to cover an onside kick to heighten their chance of winning. Unfortunately this ended up being one of the highlight moments of the game when Todd Kennedy sent out the hands team for anticipation of the onside. #5 Dave Engle  was on the front line and single handedly bolted out the gates for a Touchdown.  Amongst other Players that were noted for turn overs were #3 Joe Burns #1 Rob Aries ,#21 John "L Train" Lavigne and #42 Anthony Lucas.  Linebackers were in the mix when #52 Ricky Rivera blitzed up the middle forcing a fast hand on the quaterback. Rob Aries #1 deflected the ball and #99 Joe Lineberry was there to secure the interception. The offensive line did not give up a sack the whole game and the defensive line did not allow one rushing 1st down. Both teams came out fired up but only one could leave a victor. As more detailed information (stats) comes about we will edit this post and update it.

 For now enjoy the photos and if anyone would like to purchase one of their photos please contact Theron Johnson at TSJSTUDIOS@GMAIL.COM  You can also contact him via cell at (914) 4378-1185. His prices are reasonable and will bring them at our following game April 11th in which he will be taking more photos. He can also be visited by clicking the link-> TSJ STUDIOS

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